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Lawrence Masserant founded Mid-American Group (MAG) in 1983 when he already had a well established, successful and lauded construction career. Now operated jointly with his sons Keith and Larry, this industrial construction contracting firm features a staff of over 550 professional and technical support personnel and has four subsidiary organizations targeting specific customer needs. Headquartered in Newport, Michigan, MAG has offices throughout the eastern United States and clients from coast to coast, as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe and South Africa; clearly establishing a reputation for quality work and expertise in all areas of construction services.


Southeast Michigan Company Applies Drone Technology to Structural Inspection

Detailed Inspection Services Increase Safety and Structural Integrity

Newport, MI - UAS or UAVs, also known as Drones: the term conjures up many different images: from your neighbors invasion of privacy and military weaponry to filmmaking and rumored delivery droids. One thing is certain; Drones have found their way in to the marketplace in a myriad of applications. Tiny flying robots, UAS or Unmanned Aircraft Systems, can take us, literally, to new heights in record time. Innovative leaders in many branches of commerce have taken full advantage of this versatile new technology.

Always scanning the horizon in search of ways to improve services for his clients, Keith Masserant was quick to initiate research, experimentation and most importantly refine the logistics of applying drone technology to services he offers through Mid-American Group (MAG). Maintaining or exceeding proven industry standards has been the foundation upon which the success of MAG has been built.

“Choosing to use Drones in construction, safety and structural inspection application was step one for MAG”, said Masserant, “Impeccable work standards have to be part of the package for us, it’s how we operate, we had to bring integrity to the process”.

One of the ways Masserant has maintained that integrity is in the company’s strict clearance and licensing approval, something that sets them apart from average drone operators and inspection services.

“FAA rules and security clearances are constantly in flux, we not only stay on top of these changes, we adapt as needed to provide safe, certain practices in all situations, with some degree of immediacy ” continued Masserant. “If there is a situation of an urgent nature, we need to be keenly prepared to fly the equipment in, assess the situation in a timely manner and report back with absolute clarity, in the shortest timeframe possible.”

Operators flying the MAG Drone missions are FAA licensed pilots, this has allowed MAG to acquire FAA Section 333 exemption, critical for some of the most crucial types of structural inspections.

Part of what allows Masserant and the Mid-American Group to provide such accurate reporting, is their image processing software. This state of the art, highly intuitive and innovative tool can provide MAG clients with 3-dimensional imagery detailing precise measurements and areas of concern. Structural integrity can easily be assessed in a fraction of the time it would have taken without the aid of drones. These technologies combined offer an up-close inspection that would have previously only been possible with scaffolding and physically climbing the structures. This allows for a much safer inspection process and client results within hours instead of days or even weeks.

Capable of inspecting structures such as buildings, stacks, boilers and tanks to monitoring security, natural disaster sites, customer inventory and thermal imaging, MAG has the tools and the team for any size project for a wide variety of industries. For more information about Mid-American Group or their structural inspection services, please call 734-586-8868 or visit us online at www.midamericangroup.com.


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Who is MAG?

Mid-American Group is an industrial construction contracting firm providing clients with quality design, fabrication and construction services including engineering, maintenance and management to a wide variety of industries for over 35 years.

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Mid-American Group values a highly conscientious and skillful workforce.  Emphasis on health, well-being and safety demonstrates dedication to individuals, families, companies and work sites.

Drone Inspections

Phantom 3 - 23 minute fly time, Max Operating Range: 1.2 miles,Video 4k, MP4/MOV, Still photos 12MP JPEG / DNG, X3 Camera / 20mm lens, Operating Range: 32 to 104 F, Max Wind: 22mph.

Inspire 1 - 20 minute fly time, Max Operating Range: 1.2 miles, Video 4k, MP4/MOV, Still photos 12MP JPEG / DNG, X3 Camera / 20mm lens, Operating Range: 32 to 104°F, Max Wind: 22mph.