Ground Penetrating Radar

MAG Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment (GPR)

US RADAR Quantum Surface Imaging System

Stepped Ultra Wideband Pulses combine the advantages ofpulse radar and stepped frequency radar to offer unsurpassed resolution & depth. New Direct RF sampling technology creates clearer, easier to understand images than previously possible with older radar technologies.


Hardware and Software: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit or Windows 7

Third-generation Intel® Core™ i5vPro™ Processor

Durability: MIL-STD-810G, 4-foot drop and all-weather IP65 dust and water resistant design

Display: 10.1-inch, HD daylight-readable, ten-point multi touch + digitizer

Interface and Expansion: USB 3.0 + HDMI ports; optional
dedicated GPS; Serial, Ethernet, MicroSD or second USB port

Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optional 4G LTE or 3G Gobi™


   2-D Scanning                                                            3-D Scanning







2-D GPR Scanning Results

   (Left) Represents an underground obstruction at about 3 ft. depth.        (Right) Is from the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) machine making a turn.

 3-D GPR Scanning

3-D views from the GRP reveal a detailed image of underground obstructions. An 8” pipe can clearly be seen at about 2.7’ of depth.


















A slice can be taken from the 3-D data to show the exact depth and travel path of an underground Obstruction.

This shows an 8” HDPE pipe buried at a depth starting of about 2.7’ below the surface.














Water Storage Tank Location using GPR 


Best Tank Location for excavation identified (Circle).



Locations chose to minimize the potential for encountering obstructions within the given design space (Rectangle).





The GRP is equipped with radar that ties in the Global Positioning Satellites. This data can be transferred directly into Google Earth and the location and results of a GPR analysis can be stored and plotted on Google Earth to verify the exact location and depth of Underground Obstructions, and kept as a record for making drawings or documenting what is underground.





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