Scaffolding Services

MAG is a certified Scaffold erector, with 10 years of scaffold erection experience.  We have Scaffold Erectors with tower rescue certification and Repelling certifications. 

MAG uses a Management tool for tracking labor, components, types of scaffold, cubic foot rate and productivity. 

The following types of scaffold used are: Cup Lok, Systems, Spinder (swing stages), and Frame and Shoring. 












  • Quicker to assemble/disassemble

  • More cost effective

  • MAG uses this extensively at DTE Monroe Power Plant

  • 20% savings compared to standard scaffold built from the ground

  • Vehicles and pedestrian traffic can pass under









Bottom section of the scaffold is integrated into the modular design (right).

Wheels allow the scaffold to be easily moved, then adjustable pegs will allow the scaffold to be secured in place and take the load off the wheels.

A kit can be loaded in the modular scaffold to build what is required above it.

MAG uses this type of scaffold at various Customers.


MAG has erected and used free standing scaffold (left) up to 250 ft at several customers.

This picture (left) represents Stack maintenance at 220 ft for sandblasting and painting at Consumers Energy in Dearborn, Michigan.


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Who is MAG?

Mid-American Group is an industrial construction contracting firm providing clients with quality design, fabrication and construction services including engineering, maintenance and management to a wide variety of industries for over 35 years.

Safety is Our Responsibility

Mid-American Group values a highly conscientious and skillful workforce.  Emphasis on health, well-being and safety demonstrates dedication to individuals, families, companies and work sites.

Drone Inspections

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